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Trading company OSTC Group approached Blue Beck in 2018 to develop an MVP biometric app to support their initiative around measuring performance and maximising efficiency through monitoring health statistics.

Following a successful period of roll out to a trial group, in 2019 they came back to us with plans for further development and a refreshed UI design for the app to form a core part of their ZISHI Elite offering.

The ZISHI Elite app measures physiological signals to determine each trader’s optimal heart rate variability state as well as assessing sleep, mood, anxiety and stress levels. The data is analysed against volume, P&L and the level of order activity to find their personalised optimal zone.

New improvements were specified in collaboration with sports psychologists from Bangor University, who have been instrumental in forming the core content of the app from the start.

Personalised performance feedback

Signing up to the app voluntarily, the traders use the app on a daily basis, measuring their HRV using a Polar H10 monitor and answering simple questions on their well being. Users are able to view their progress in graph formation.

Once a period of 30 days has passed each user will start to receive enhanced, personalised user feedback through a series of articles and videos which will be updated frequently based on the performance data.

What we did

Building the app using React Native enabled us to develop one set of code for both platforms ensuring a speedier development path. We also customised WordPress to segment appropriate articles to get the right content through to traders to educate.


The app is now rolled out to over 100 traders across 12 global offices.