Our Story

Blue Beck is one of the pioneers of online and mobile games, tracing its origins back to the 90s. In its current form, the company was founded in 2009 by mobile game veterans and boasts some 50 engineers and designers who, on average, have 15 years of experience in game development.

We have been producing games and apps for the most eminent brands and publishers in the world and pride ourselves in having one of the most experienced team to provide cutting-edge technology across any platform our clients can throw at us. We write games and apps in iOS, Android, Unity, HTML5, Steam and everything in between as well as for any desktop OS and browser you can think of. We can do this natively in whichever language is best suitable (C++ anyone?) or use engines and development environments our clients prefer. More recently, we have also been working with and deploying AI and ML frameworks for industry clients.

Blue Beck started as an independent game studio, sold to one of the world’s largest mobile publishers at the time, went through a management buy-out to arrive back in being a true indie, albeit one with more experience, more knowhow and a better industry network than most.

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We would be delighted to hear from you. If you want to work on your projects with a development team with over 400 years experience starting back in the early days of Atari, Commodore and Sinclair and extending into the future, too, then please get in touch.