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Boosting Customer Engagement with Mobile Apps

Boosting Customer Engagement with Mobile Apps

· Rudi McLennan · 3 min read · September 7, 2021

Apps are more than a standalone product, they’re an extension of your website and your business. They’re a great way for you to boost your customer engagement and gain valuable insight into what your users really want.

Apps give you more freedom to personalise offers and target the audiences that hold the greatest value to your business.

Here are a few ways you can use your app to boost engagement with your customers...

Improve Accessibility

One of the reasons for low app retention is usually poor accessibility. If your app is difficult to navigate or not optimised for people with visual impairments for example, users are likely to leave the app and not return. Improving app accessibility can be daunting but it’s something that will add value to your app, and depending on your industry it may actually be a legal requirement.

Push Notifications

Offering personalised content is a great way to engage with your customers, whilst push notifications enable you to boost engagement, if you’re going to use this method you should know that less is more.

Content should be curated based on the user’s habits, it needs to add value and be relevant to keep the audience interested and bring them back to your app.

Push notifications are also a great way to get people using your app again, one important thing to remember is just because your app has been downloaded it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being used, by sending unique offers via push notifications you’re increasing your chances of regaining a user.

Location Based Content

Location based content is essentially an add-on to your push notifications – users are engaged when they’re within a certain proximity of a business. This type of notification is a great way to engage with customers and encourage them to visit your physical store.


Mobile-based loyalty cards have always been a good way to increase customer engagement. Adopting a mobile based rewards system gives you an opportunity to change the way your users are rewarded. Try incentivising your customer to use your app by offering exclusive rewards or discounts such as free upgrades or double points – push notifications and location-based notifications are a great way to market your offers and encourage users to engage with your brand via your app.

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