The Best Apps to Prepare you Business for Winter

Winter is just around the corner and it’s all about bobble hats and big coats from here on, but with the change in the weather comes changes in the office… below we’ve got a list of our favourite apps to help make winter that little easier for your staff.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a must have in the winter days. There are so many to choose from and sometimes all the different options can be overwhelming, fortunately for you Pocket-lint has done an in depth review of all the smart thermostats available to you on the current market. At Blue Beck we’re using the Nest Learning Thermostat 3.0 –  Not only does it allow you to control the temperature remotely via an app but it also learns the habits of your office within a few weeks, so the temperature will always be just right.

Travel Apps

Oh the delays! The winter seems to make getting about a lot harder, especially if it snows too! To help keep delays to a minimum and keep your office running, apps such as Waze are the perfect solution. Developed by Google, the app offers real-time updates on traffic jams, police incidents, roadworks and more! This year Google also announced plans to bring their Waze carpool community app to the UK too!

Communication Tools

In some cases being unable to get into the office in the winter months can’t be helped, from cancelled train services to poorly children. Using a communication platform such as Slack makes working from home easy. The app is similar to Skype for Business – it allows teams to communicate in real time. It also lets you create channels for chats with multiple people and separate chats by projects as well as integrates with third party apps too. We’ve been using Slack for a few years now and honestly, we don’t know how we’d function without it.

Food apps

The cold changes what we want to eat, all we want is food that feeds the soul. Whilst there are many different apps for delivery food, there aren’t many that also help to cut down on food wastage. Too Good To Go is an app that is helping to fight food waste, it allows you to save good food at a cheaper price – you can get a roast dinner, sushi and cake amongst other things for mostly, £5 and under. (the app is mostly available in cities and larger towns for the time being.)

Smart Doorbell

This one might just be the best app for December! Smart doorbells offer you voice and video capabilities all via an app. You can see and talk to anyone at the door, which is pretty helpful for all the pre-christmas deliveries you can expect. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a smart doorbell either – have reviewed the best video doorbells on the market for you.

Hopefully navigating through the winter months will be a little bit easier with these handy apps!