This year, Project Manager Jack and a few of his friends headed off to Cologne for the 2018 Gamescom. Unfortunately, we couldn’t all go with him, so we asked Jack to share his experience with us, so we could share it with you…

“From August 22nd – 24th myself and three friends attended Gamescom in Cologne, Germany and it was amazing! I’ve never seen anything quite so colossal. There were eight – 10 halls which could easily fit 10,000 people in, and each hall was filled with stands of the latest and upcoming games.

I had originally booked the trip back in December 2017 and at the time I thought that I’d struggle to fill the three days – however, half way through the second day I realised that three days wasn’t going to be enough time to see everything!


The first day was a big day for Blizzard games, which is what I was primarily there for, so I made sure I arrived early in the morning. The four of us left the hotel at 7am and it was only a 10 minute trip from the hotel to the venue. (The queues were crazy, even at 7am!)

We stood in the queue surrounded by people who’d obviously experienced Gamescom before and thought to bring tiny camping chairs with them (heads up, this is a must!). We eventually got in for the 10am opening and it turned to a mad rush to get across the venue in 30 minutes for the opening ceremony – one of the other things we didn’t consider (foolishly) was that most of the opening ceremony presented by German hosts, in Germany, would be in German (duh) – I tried my best to understand and picked up what I could, but mostly I stood staring at pretty pictures and videos, it was still an amazing experience regardless of what we could and couldn’t understand I might add.


As a massive Blizzard fan, I spent the majority of day one in the Blizzard Hall. I saw all the new content for Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Diablo, World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Overwatch, only stopping for the essentials – lunch and snacks.

On day two we learnt from our mistakes and found a camping store to purchase a couple of tiny foldable chairs before heading in a bit later than the previous day. We saw lots of different booths on day two; Sekiro, Destiny 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3, Antigraviator, Neocab and a ton of other Indie Games – I wish I could remember more of the Indie games as they all looked fantastic.

On day three we took it easy and wandered around the rest of the convention centre and enjoyed a relaxing day.

We all had such an amazing time and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has ever thought about going – it’s an incredible experience!”