This year we partnered with digital agency, Digital Sunray to create a web-app promoting tourism in Germany on behalf of Bergwelten, the Alpine adventure magazine.

The finished site, Stadt-Land-Flaschenpost (City-Country-Bottlepost), offers engaging visuals and educational content, as well a competition with incredible prizes up for grabs.

Stadt-Land-Flaschenpost tracks a virtual bottle on its journey down the river Danube (the only river in the world to cross through 10 countries, and the second largest river in Europe) The bottleā€™s journey takes place over 21 days from 1st October, over the coming days users are able to enter a quiz and win the prizes.

The quiz is made up of 21 questions, one question for each day the bottle travels down river – as the bottle reaches key stages a new question is unlocked, if the question is answered correctly participants could win one of the many prizes donated by partnering companies.

To make this possible we first had to develop the app – Digital Sunray designed the look and overall feel of the site.

By using programs such as React, Redux, Sass and node.js we created a HTML5, Single Page Web Application. Using a responsive design, the application automatically adapts to the users platform, ensuring they get the best experience whilst using the web app.

Progressive Web Application technologies also mean loading times are reduced on slow internet connections, ensuring the best possible user experience and encouraging repeat visits and plays.

You can visit the site by clicking the link, and see where the bottle is on it journey…