So, you’ve got an idea for an app, but how do you ensure that your app is a success in an already heavily saturated market?

Before you begin the development process there’s a few things you need to consider such as your target audience, what platform you’re designing your app for and making a marketing plan – there are over seven million apps across the top five app stores alone, so your app will have some tough competition before you’ve even started!

To help you create your app we’re going to share our top three tips for creating a successful app with you…


Research your platform

Firstly, you need to consider which platform your app will be made for, will it be for iOS or Android, or both? Once you’ve made this decision you need to research into how the app stores work – Apple App Store rankings are based on install velocity. Your app needs to generate a high volume of installs within a short amount of time for it to rank highly on the store, to make the downloads people need to be aware of your app and to be easily discoverable on the app store you need to make the downloads… see where we’re going with this?

The appScatter Research Team estimate that there is currently over 300 app stores worldwide – so researching the best platform for your app is essential. You need to ensure that your app is published on the right store for your target market in order for it to get maximum visibility.

Create a good app

It might sound obvious but if you don’t think your app is good enough to use, and you wouldn’t download it yourself, then why would other people?

The majority of people will experience the internet for the first time on a smartphone instead of a computer, so the good news is you already have a pool of users to start off with. According to an online survey, 90% of app installs are generated by 10% of apps on the market – this is why your app needs to be good!

You can’t just expect people to take your word for it that you’ve created an amazing app, you need to test it, and prove it.

Testing your app is crucial, and testing it with a group of ‘real users’ is even more important. Approach your target audience and set up focus groups for users to test your app and give you feedback – by doing this, you’re making sure that your app is really what your target audience is looking for.

Create a solid marketing plan

Apps aren’t discovered on their own, you need to have a marketing plan that allows your app to be seen. Once your app is discoverable you’ve got a better chance of it being seen and downloaded. If your app is reputable and people enjoy using it, they will want to share it – to maximise your marketing you should consider having built in social mechanics to make it easier for users to share with friends.

A great way to keep users engaged with your app is to regularly release updates. Keeping your content fresh will result in return visits as well as giving you extra opportunities to attract new users.

Of course, there are many more elements that need to be considered when creating an app but the three we’ve looked at in this blog will help you to cover the basics. If you’ve got an idea for an app and you’re not quite sure where to start, get in touch with us and let us see if we can help.