Curioso Games to Publish Horror Themed Mobile Game

Curioso Games is set to release their latest mobile game, Rituals: The Book of SKOG in early December.

The horror-themed, immersive puzzle game takes players on a journey through SKOG, a secluded forest area where they must perform rituals to keep evil forces at bay. The thriller game is the second title to be released by the developer this year – it follows on from the successful game Lanterns, which made its debut on the KaiOS platform in September.

Differing from the playful aesthetics of traditional, casual puzzle games, Rituals is an unpredictable display of moody visuals, unsettling effects and captivating music. Even the simplest of puzzles can become a challenge in these conditions and Rituals thrives on surprising its players. While the scary themes and PG-13 rating make the game unsuitable for children, the accessible mechanics and atmospheric theme make for a fun experience even for those with no prior knowledge of mobile gaming.

Head of Curioso, Johanna Vuorela said: “Rituals has been an exploratory project to create an immersive horror experience for mobile devices. We wondered if casual puzzle games were about taking a few minutes to reset your brain, could a few minutes of ‘fright’ do the same? We have a lot of extra content planned but want to get the game into the hands of players as soon as possible to get their feedback and see what they want from us next.”

Rituals: Book of SKOG will be available to download FREE on iOS and Android devices on December 5th, 2019. The official soundtrack will be available on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music to add some extra spice to your mulled wine-laden office Christmas horror parties.

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