Curioso Games Publishes New Game for KaiOS

Our publishing label, Curioso Games has released its latest game, Lanterns. It is the perfect game to play whilst cosying up to the fire as the nights start to draw in and the leaves turn golden brown. 

Designed for KaiOS devices and now available to download from the KaiStore, Lanterns takes players on a journey through the night skies to deliver a message to the Phoenix, patiently waiting above the stars.

KaiOS has become the front runner of smart feature phones – With 100 million devices being shipped to over 100 countries, the market is estimated to be worth $28bn within the next three years. Our games team comes with extensive experience on developing games such as Call of Duty and X Men titles for feature phones. The experience of handling challenges around processing power, small screen sizes (KaiOS devices are 240×320) and non-touch screens enabled the successful release of a fully featured Lanterns game onto the KaiStore. The game is free to download and monetised through KaiAds.

About Lanterns for KaiOS
How far will you travel after dark? Immerse yourself in a beautiful journey through the night skies to deliver a message to the Phoenix waiting above. Collect fireflies to keep your fire burning and your lantern shining bright, but watch out for the obstacles, fiery dragons and asteroids are heading your way!


 – Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations with a captivating oriental theme

– Relaxing music and sounds

– Simple, fluid controls

– Multiple obstacles to discover – and avoid on your journey

– Over 100 levels to travel and explore 


If you want to find out more about KaiOS or getting your game onto the KaiStore, get in touch with us at